the shamen: boss drum revisited

It’s been 25 years since the release of The Shamens’ “Boss Drum” album, which won them a highly coveted Ivor Novello award for Songwriters of the year, went double platinum album and of course spawned the sometimes controversial no1 Single for four ( yes count them) weeks “Ebeneezer Goode” alongside the hit single “LSI”, “Boss Drum”, “Phorever People”, ‘Re-evolution’ and “Comin; On” , some rather fine mixes &  more….. which seems like a good reason to mention it.

You can hear it here

or here

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the shamen: 25 years after ‘ebeenezer goode’

25 years after the Shamens’ single release “Ebeneezer Goode” was banned,  then sent scurrying up the charts to no1 where it remained for 4 weeks until we deleted it.  Heres some more palaver on how it came to be, in case anyone missed it last time:

How we made … Ebeneezer Goode by the Shamen

with some more gratuitous rug references.. especially for anyone that hated it 😉

listen links here

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Heres some of the flava it came in

Ebeneezer Goode – Beat edit  The Shamen

Ebeneezer Goode – South of Detroit Vocal  The Shamen

Ebeneezer Goode – Shamen Dub  The Shamen

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