tairona songs publish works by songwriters sian evans, darren beale and mark morrison, collectively known as kosheen.
we publish the first three kosheen albums resist, kokopelli and damage:, related album singles and other works in kosheen’s catalogue :

kosheen’s music has been synchronised to many uk and international tv shows, films, adverts and computer games :
their award winning anthemic song ‘hide u’ has been included in usa tv shows jake 2 and queer as folk 2, featured in german film julietta, used in fifa 2003 & marvel ultimate alliance 2 computer games and is uploaded to sony singstore playstation network

along with being used to advertise and promote banks, cars, cosmetics, mobile phones, sofas and tyres, kosheen have also had songs used as tv idents and in many hit usa tv shows including:
dirt : ‘not enough love
csi : ‘damage‘, ‘swamp‘ and ‘wish
ny:lon : ‘wasting my time’
queer as folk : ‘hide u’
jake 2 : ‘hide u

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