moship (feat. michael horowitz):

colin was in the shamen who made psychedelic music from the mid 80s to the end of the 20th century & had a chart hit with terence mcKenna. digital habitat released various nuggets experimenting in psychotropic & dub vibes, and michael is a writer & speaker who co-edited collections by aldous huxley & timothy leary and interviewed albert hofmann for high times.

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a2e (original mix)

01: a2e (original mix) 11:52

released 19/04/ 2023

cat no : moksha19dgep1

a2e (rhythms)

01: a2e (lieb sich dich mix) 07:03

02: a2e (crystal mµze mix) 03:54

03: a2e (original instrumental mix) 11:52

04: a2e (bedroom produca edit) 02:53

released 26/04/ 2023

cat no : moksha19dgep2

a2e (ambience)

01: a2e (radio rental un-strumental mix) 06:43

02: a2e (radio rental instrumental mix) 06:43

03: a2e (bdrm produca edit) 02:41

released 03/06/2023

cat no : moksha19dgep3

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