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a2e (original mix) video
a2e (lieb sich dich mix) video

a2e (original mix) : 11:51 minutes celebrating the power of psychoactive substances available on the 80th anniversary of “bicycle day” (the original lab leak), when acid godfather dr albert hofmann wobbled home on two wheels, inceptively experiencing the full spectrum of psychedelic effects from the nascent lsd-25 he had recently synthesized and imbibed.

a2e (rhythms) : alternative “rhythms” flavours at around 126 bpm, with more uplifting chilled house vibes, a breakbeat version, an instrumental of the original and some bonus acapellas for beat meisters & bedroom producas. 01: a2e (lieb sich dich mix) 07:03 | 02: a2e (crystal mµze mix) 03:43 | 03: a2e (original instrumental mix) 11:52 | 04: a2e (bedroom produca edit) 02:52

a2e (ambience): a2e (ambience) equals magnificent moship acidic debut, minus big n bouncy beats plus extra atmospheric treats. a three track (mainly) instrumental ep – a more relaxed reflection on ‘the antidote to everything’. 01: a2e (radio rental un-strumental mix) 06:43 | 02: a2e (radio rental instrumental mix) 06:43 | 03: a2e (bdrm produca edit) 02:41