moship is an electronic music duo consisting of colin and digital habitat. both cohorts’ unique background and influences creating a sound blend of psychedelia, house, ambient, and dub elements. 
digital habitat released various nuggets experimenting with the above musical vibes from london and a northern coastal outpost.
colin is a scots musician lyrical cultivator, entheogen advocate & (m)adventurer. colin was in the shamen who made psychedelic music from the mid 80s to the end of the 20th century & had a chart hit with terence mcKenna. 
colin and digital habitat linked up at a performance by violetta @ st pancras old church, then began musing together remotely before initiating moship during the dark daze o the plandemonic / crockdown era.
michael horowitz is an american writer, editor and psychedelic historian.  he co-founded the world’s first psychoactive drug library, co-edited collections of aldous huxley (moksha), timothy leary (chaos & cyber culture) and women’s drug literature (sisters of the extreme), and was leary’s archivist and bibliographer.  the lyrics to ‘a2e’ are an extended mix of a talk he gave at the world psychedelic forum in basel in 2006 honouring lsd discoverer albert hofmann
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