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Here’s a wee Shamen intro playlist for you:

the shamen : boss drum revisited

it’s been 25 years since the release of the shamen’s “boss drum” album, which won them a highly coveted ivor novello award for songwriters of the year, went double platinum album and of course spawned the sometimes controversial no1 Single for four ( yes count them) weeks “ebeneezer goode” alongside the hit singles “lsi”, “boss drum”, “phorever people”, ‘re-evolution’ and “comin; On” , some rather fine mixes &  more….. which seems like a good reason to mention it.

you can hear it here

or here

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the shamen : 25 years after ‘ebeenezer goode’

25 years after the shamen’s single release “ebeneezer goode” was banned,  then sent scurrying up the charts to no1 where it remained for 4 weeks until we deleted it.  here’s some more palaver on how it came to be, in case anyone missed it last time:

how we made … ebeneezer goode by the shamen

with some more gratuitous rug references.. especially for anyone that hated it 😉

listen links here

more carry on at the shamen’s facebook page.

Heres some of the flava it came in

ebeneezer goode – beat edit  : the shamen

ebeneezer goode – south of detroit vocal  : the shamen

ebeneezer goode – shamen dub  : the shamen

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shamen: shamen special on futuremusic fm.

Shamen Special by “Dead Mexico” on FutureMusic Fm.

The Shamen also made experimental ambient and electronic music that was more underground than their big hits.

‘Dead Mexico’ is focusing on these tracks for this 2 hour Shamen Special.


Shamen Special by "Dead Mexico" on FutureMusic Fm.

Shamen Special by “Dead Mexico” on FutureMusic Fm.

shamen: peepshow

Check SuperHans wedding vows for his marital manipulation of “Move any Mountain” prose on this weeks episode of Peep Show ( Gregory’s beard S9 Ep2)

Superhans wedding

SuperHans before promising not to falter…

and for those that dont know the original, try this

the shamen : commonwealth team scotland 2014

last night millions (possibly billions!) of people, watched the commonwealth team scotland parade into glasgow’s celtic park, accompanied by the shamen’s ‘move any mountain’ – fantastic!

bbc news
“…the loudest reception of the night was reserved for the host nation scotland, who paraded into celtic park last, according to games tradition, accompanied by the shamen’s hit move any mountain…”
the scotsman
“…emotion ran high, too, when judoka euan burton brought the parade to an end. as he led team scotland into the arena, celtic park witnessed a din unheard since the halycon days of henrik larsson. the athletes, marching to the exhilarating sound of the shamen’s move any mountain, looked taken aback. the big screen bore the words of – who else? – scotland’s bard, with a perfect line: “wi’ joy unfeigned brothers and sisters meet.”…”
the telegraph
“…22.46 here come the scots. it’s the shamen’s ‘move any mountain’. it’s a lot of very happy and excited scottish people in their, let’s not mince words, much-maligned orange and blue tartan garb. i rather like it. not for everyone, i grant you. anyway, it’s a hell of an atmosphere and everyone is having a high old time of it….”

team scotland 2014

team scotland 2014








herald scotland
“…team scotland unsurprisingly got the biggest cheer of the night when they entered to the song move any mountain by aberdeen band the shamen and a burst of blue and white coloured ticker tape…”

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