the shamen : team scotland move any mountain

it may have been a couple of weeks ago now, but for those that missed it, here’s a video of team scotland’s entrance into celtic park, aurally accompanied by the roar of thousands and the shamen’s anthemic ‘move any mountain’…

commonwealth-celtic-park-2014imagea couple of days later, in a rare interview, colin angus tells aberdeen’s evening express:-
“…it was pure magic…”
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the shamen : commonwealth team scotland 2014

last night millions (possibly billions!) of people, watched the commonwealth team scotland parade into glasgow’s celtic park, accompanied by the shamen’s ‘move any mountain’ – fantastic!

bbc news
“…the loudest reception of the night was reserved for the host nation scotland, who paraded into celtic park last, according to games tradition, accompanied by the shamen’s hit move any mountain…”
the scotsman
“…emotion ran high, too, when judoka euan burton brought the parade to an end. as he led team scotland into the arena, celtic park witnessed a din unheard since the halycon days of henrik larsson. the athletes, marching to the exhilarating sound of the shamen’s move any mountain, looked taken aback. the big screen bore the words of – who else? – scotland’s bard, with a perfect line: “wi’ joy unfeigned brothers and sisters meet.”…”
the telegraph
“…22.46 here come the scots. it’s the shamen’s ‘move any mountain’. it’s a lot of very happy and excited scottish people in their, let’s not mince words, much-maligned orange and blue tartan garb. i rather like it. not for everyone, i grant you. anyway, it’s a hell of an atmosphere and everyone is having a high old time of it….”

team scotland 2014

team scotland 2014








herald scotland
“…team scotland unsurprisingly got the biggest cheer of the night when they entered to the song move any mountain by aberdeen band the shamen and a burst of blue and white coloured ticker tape…”

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the shamen : more original 7″s

yet more early vinyl from the shamen has been found:
this time an original 7″ pressing of you me and everything.
we have fewer than 20 of this astonishing piece of black vinyl in a plain black shiny sleeve – so order quick!

it’s available now direct from moksha recordings via

you me & everything : 7″ single
released : may 1989 : cat no : soma 6 – moksha recordings
tracklisting : a-side : you me & everything | z-side : reraptyouare





what the press said :
melody maker : “…superb, a monster [when played] live and just as contagious in this format” [may 1989]
music week : “…most psychedelicaly-acid stuff yet…” [may 1989]

from the archives :
moksha recordings original 1989 press release

the shamen : more vinyl from the vaults

the moksha ‘dig’ is continuing and further shamen vinyl has been uncovered!
a few mint-condition original pressings of 7″ vinyl in original artwork sleeve of knature of a girl are now available direct from moksha recordings via

knature of a girl : 7″ single
released : february 1988 – cat no : soma 4 – moksha recordings
tracklisting: one-side : knature of a girl | two-side : happy days
published by : amokshasong





what the press said :
melody maker : “this is a fine slice of cold desire…” [mar 1988]
sounds : “the games the shamen play are pretty damn weird and a beauty to behold.” [feb 1988]

from the archives :
moksha recordings original 1988 press release

the shamen : rare 7″ vinyl found!

the vaults at moksha are being excavated!
the decades of detritus are slowly being brushed away and collectible shamen artifacs are surfacing.
amongst the treasures so far unearthed are original 7″ vinyl pressings of some of the first shamen singles …

a very limited quantity of mint condition, original pressings of ‘something about you’ (from the album drop) have been made available direct from moksha recordings at –  if this 7″ is missing from your shamen archives, click here to add it now!

something about you : 7″ single
released : june 1987 – cat no : soma 2 – moksha recordings
tracklisting: one-side : something about you | two-side : do what you will
published by : amokshasong





music week 13 june 1987 : ‘…another astonishingly invigorating slice of strange pop…’