kosheen : damage (2021 remaster)

out now

we’re pretty chuffed to be re-presenting the kosheen family with “damage (2021 remaster)” from 29/07/21.

sonically referencing both the electronica of “resist” 🦌 (their debut LP) and the creativity and darkness of “kokopelli” (their second) 🎶, with “damage (2021 remaster)”, 🌾, kosheen created🎙🎚💻  a subtly futuristic soundtrack for the 21st century. lyrically, changes and struggles in both relationships and landscapes are recurring themes. life and beauty still flourish,

It was their ‘biggest’ and most beautiful record to date. includes ‘overkill’ & ‘guilty”.

remastered 🎛 for 2021 

👉 play now 

damage & overkill uk : available on amazon

limited quantities of original uk editions of kosheen’s damage album and overkill single released on moksha recordings are now available to buy from moksha recordings via amazon : use the ‘available from these sellers‘ buttton on the amazon listing to link through to moksha’s offerings…

*any reviews and / or seller feedback on the new amazon listings would be fab…!*