01: damage (06:31)
02: overkill (03:39)
03: like a book (03:36)
04: same ground again (04:41)
05: guilty [original] (03:34)
06: chances (03:35)
07: out of this world (04:52)
08: wish you were here (04:58)
09: thief (04:36)
10: under fire (03:58)
11: not enough love (05:18)
12: cruel heart (04:14)
13: professional friend (03:20)
14: analogue street dub (05:42)
15: marching orders (05:01)
16: your life (04:04)

stream 2021 remaster now 

what the press said about the original release…

cosmopolitan **** : “…heading to ibiza , don’t take off without this, part chill-out, part trance, but all still amazing…”

star **** (3 sept 2007) : “…sian evans’ voice has never sounded more powerful and versatile … great for pre-club warm-up or post-bash comedown. verdict: kosher…”

m8 – 7/8 (aug 07) : “When you come up with as many perfectly structured beginning-middle-end songs and instantly hooky choruses as these guys not much else matters. sian evans’ voice hovers between joni mitchell and annie lennox … these are timeless genre-defying songs that grab the heart…”

glamour magazine (aug 07) : “… a dark, sinister edge … evokes images of deserted beaches at midnight… try it if you like massive attack, faithless & tracey thorn”

dj mag. (aug 07) : “sian evans’ vocals are as potent as always and decoder & substance wrap their song structures around some rolling grooves and slick dance production with conviction … their finest work to date… their many admirers won’t be disappointed.”

independent :“… refined sound… pared down technolines… close to kraftwerk…”

ok magazine : “… they more than deliver… in some parts reminiscent of Massive Attack in their darkest days, but surprisingly commercial in others…”

q magazine : “… evans has a gigantic voice… welcome yazoo-esque moments of synth pop…”

bent : “… merging the electro and the dark imagination of their earlier albums… relentless, infectious riffs…”

out of hand : “… written from the heart…”

axm. 4/5 : “… damage brings back all the dark tones of their debut… they still know how to knock out a good tune and interesting lyrics…”

out mag. 4/5 : “… effectively haunting and minimalist …” : “… Slickly produced electronic pop … driving beats and melodic hooks grab you…”