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⚡️ HIDE U (2024 RELOAD) ⚡️

We’re excited to announce “Hide U (2024 Reload)” – a new chapter in Kosheen’s legacy! ✨

This upcoming release features three unique remixes of Kosheen’s classic ‘Hide U’, each offering a fresh reinterpretation of the iconic track

Mark your calendars for part 1 on  23 July  as “Hide U (2024 Reload)”, with later instalments in August to enhance your summer soundtrack

Experience ‘Hide U’ like never before!

on all major streaming platforms 🌐

Presave/Stream here: https://moksha.lnk.to/HideU-2024Reload-Mozey

Kosheen music videos upscaled

Kosheen – Hide U (2001) – Official Video (HD)

“We’re pleased to bring you a series of remastered and upscaled Kosheen music videos!

Dive back into the world of Kosheen, now with super HD visuals and enhanced sound. Experience the Hide U, Catch, Hungry videos, and more like never before. 🔥💫

These iconic tracks from the electronica of “Resist”, “Kokopelli” and “Damage” are now more vibrant than ever, with each remastered video preserving their original essence whilst bringing new life to the visuals and sounds! 🎛

 🖥📱Watch Now! 🖥📱
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Kosheen’s timeless music, now upscaled for a new era 💿”

kosheen : damage (2021 remaster)

out now

we’re pretty chuffed to be re-presenting the kosheen family with “damage (2021 remaster)” from 29/07/21.

sonically referencing both the electronica of “resist” 🦌 (their debut LP) and the creativity and darkness of “kokopelli” (their second) 🎶, with “damage (2021 remaster)”, 🌾, kosheen created🎙🎚💻  a subtly futuristic soundtrack for the 21st century. lyrically, changes and struggles in both relationships and landscapes are recurring themes. life and beauty still flourish,

It was their ‘biggest’ and most beautiful record to date. includes ‘overkill’ & ‘guilty”.

remastered 🎛 for 2021 

👉 play now 

kosheen : kokopelli (2021 remaster)

out now!

kokopelli album packshot

kosheen’s second album “kokopelli”, continued the evolution of kosheen’s sound, an original hybrid informed by their diverse musical roots, their personal experiences from performing live across the world, and all elements of contemporary music. “kokopelli” brings together sian evans’ emotive vocals and traditional song writing techniques to darren decoder’s and markee substance’s dark electronica and guitar-driven riffs. “kokopelli” went gold, and includes the chart hit “all in my head”.

lovingly remastered for 2021

Listen to it now on all super streamer outlets

kosheen : resist (2021 remaster)

out now!

Resist ( 2021 remaster) album Sleeve

after a hugely influential, independent singles (‘hide u’, ‘catch’ & ‘(slip & slide) suicide’), kosheen achieved massive club , critical and chart success. their much loved lp ‘resist’ presents yet more dimensions of kosheen, with sparkling electronic breakbeat, deep chilled drum ‘n’ bass torch songs and achingly beautiful downbeat melancholia allowing sian’s emotive voice full range. ‘resist’ won various awards and hit platinum stats.

This is a killer debut.

fondly remastered for 2021

stream now here …