the shamen: 25 years after ‘ebeenezer goode’

25 years after the Shamens’ single release “Ebeneezer Goode” was banned,  then sent scurrying up the charts to no1 where it remained for 4 weeks until we deleted it.  Heres some more palaver on how it came to be, in case anyone missed it last time:

How we made … Ebeneezer Goode by the Shamen

with some more gratuitous rug references.. especially for anyone that hated it 😉

More carry on at the Shamen’ Facebook page.

Heres some of the flava it came in

Ebeneezer Goode – Beat edit  The Shamen

Ebeneezer Goode – South of Detroit Vocal  The Shamen

Ebeneezer Goode – Shamen Dub  The Shamen

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shamen: shamen special on futuremusic fm.

Shamen Special by “Dead Mexico” on FutureMusic Fm.

The Shamen also made experimental ambient and electronic music that was more underground than their big hits.

‘Dead Mexico’ is focusing on these tracks for this 2 hour Shamen Special.


Shamen Special by "Dead Mexico" on FutureMusic Fm.

Shamen Special by “Dead Mexico” on FutureMusic Fm.