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the shamen: boss drum revisited

It’s been 25 years since the release of The Shamens’ “Boss Drum” album, which won them a highly coveted Ivor Novello award for Songwriters of the year, went double platinum album and of course spawned the sometimes controversial no1 Single for four ( yes count them) weeks “Ebeneezer Goode” alongside the hit single “LSI”, “Boss Drum”, “Phorever People”, ‘Re-evolution’ and “Comin; On” , some rather fine mixes &  more….. which seems like a good reason to mention it.

You can hear it here

or here

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the shamen: 25 years after ‘ebeenezer goode’

25 years after the Shamens’ single release “Ebeneezer Goode” was banned,  then sent scurrying up the charts to no1 where it remained for 4 weeks until we deleted it.  Heres some more palaver on how it came to be, in case anyone missed it last time:

How we made … Ebeneezer Goode by the Shamen

with some more gratuitous rug references.. especially for anyone that hated it 😉

listen links here

More carry on at the Shamen’ Facebook page.

Heres some of the flava it came in

Ebeneezer Goode – Beat edit  The Shamen

Ebeneezer Goode – South of Detroit Vocal  The Shamen

Ebeneezer Goode – Shamen Dub  The Shamen

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joi soundsystem : haroon shamsher from joi: honoured with a blue plaque in brick lane

haroon shamsher from joi: honoured with a blue plaque in brick lane
David Bowie, John Peel, Factory Records and  Haroon Shamsher from Joi are among the music legends honoured by BBC as official Blue Plaques are unveiled on BBC Music Day.
BBC Local Radio, the BBC Asian Network and the British Plaque Trust will tomorrow (Thursday 15 June) unveil new blue plaques to commemorate people or places that have influenced the musical landscape across the country with innovation and success.
The Shamsher family and BBC Asian Network are delighted to invite you to honour the memory of pioneering musician Haroon Shamsher, founder of Joi.

A special Blue Plaque will be unveiled  in East London. We would like you to join us at 10am sharp on Thursday 15th June outside 55 Brick Lane, London E1 (formerly Ambala Sweets).Haroon’s brother Farook will unveil the plaque, outside the building that the young Shamsher brothers moved into in Brick Lane, where their father ran a traditional music shop, and recording studio.

Haroon’s brother Farook Shamsher  (Joi Soundsytem)  will talk to Bobby Friction on his BBC Asian Network Show about Haroon on 15th June. @  20.00

There will be a Haroon Shamsher Joi tribute anniversary event on Saturday evening 8 July 18.00 in the Kobi Nazrul Centre. E1

I’m flattered awed and humbled that Haroon is being recognised by his peers and the wider music community, and know he would be proud of this acknowledgment with love Farook Shamsher 
Haroon was a pioneer. A pioneer of sound, a pioneer of social conscience and awareness and a pioneer of Asian street credibility in Britain.  He and his brother Farooq inspired myself and many others, including Talvin Singh, to search further and harder for new sounds to express a dispossessed generation of British Asians  Nitwin Sawhney 
Haroon was a fine and collegiate fellow to be with aboard the tour bus,as well as an attractive and charismatic presence on stage with Joi.
Haroon was also blessed with an impish sense of humour, his inflight attire including t shirt bearing the legend “don’t panic, i’m islamic”Colin Angus (The Shamen)
BBC Asian Network and BBC Music, with the British Plaque Trust,  are really proud to honour music icons with the first Blue Plaques for artists from South-Asian heritage.
Haroon Shamsher continues to be an inspiration. The group changed the British music landscape and his cultural impact lives on today.” Mark Strippel, Head of BBC Radio 1Xtra / Asian Network

shamen: shamen special on futuremusic fm.

Shamen Special by “Dead Mexico” on FutureMusic Fm.

The Shamen also made experimental ambient and electronic music that was more underground than their big hits.

‘Dead Mexico’ is focusing on these tracks for this 2 hour Shamen Special.


Shamen Special by "Dead Mexico" on FutureMusic Fm.

Shamen Special by “Dead Mexico” on FutureMusic Fm.

shamen: peepshow

Check SuperHans wedding vows for his marital manipulation of “Move any Mountain” prose on this weeks episode of Peep Show ( Gregory’s beard S9 Ep2)

Superhans wedding

SuperHans before promising not to falter…

and for those that dont know the original, try this

the shamen : team scotland move any mountain

it may have been a couple of weeks ago now, but for those that missed it, here’s a video of team scotland’s entrance into celtic park, aurally accompanied by the roar of thousands and the shamen’s anthemic ‘move any mountain’…

commonwealth-celtic-park-2014imagea couple of days later, in a rare interview, colin angus tells aberdeen’s evening express:-
“…it was pure magic…”
(click for full, if somewhat brief interaction)